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5 Key Considerations When Selecting a Professional Painter.

Interior painting and plastering

Are you looking for an Exterior or Interior Painter for your home or business?

As a professional painter in Canberra I have seen some of the best and worst when it comes to trades. Unfortunately, it is far too common for us to receive a frantic phone call from a home owner that has paid a deposit and the painter never showed or the products and workmanship are inferior resulting in uneven and patchy results.

These 5 tips will help you save time and money when deciding on which painter to choose for your painting project!

Tip 1 - Do your due diligence!

This goes slightly further than facebook recommendations or google reviews, both of which are good starting points. A professional painter will provide information as to their qualifications and licence status. Checking for these ensures the painter you choose has the necessary knowledge, expertise and skill to complete your project to a high-quality.

Tip 2 - Ask for references

A professional painter that provides great quality will have a number of previous customers that are willing to contact or be contacted by potential customers to share their experience and answer any questions. When comparing quotes, ask the painter for references, if they are more than happy to share or arrange these for you and the previous customer has great things to say you are onto a winner. If the painter isn't willing to provide references, question why no previous customer would be willing to rave about their experience.

"Only 15% of consumers request references from trades before paying a deposit." – Salesforce specialist

Tip 3 - Review painter quotes

What a painter puts in writing holds them accountable. A detailed quote will outline a clear and concise scope of work that aligns with the work you are expecting. Also look for warranties, inclusions and exclusions. In my experience as a professional painter I have seen a vast array of quotes from clear and detailed scopes to basic 'paint interior', this leaves the work open to interpretation and can result in conflict when the painter 'finishes' and expects payment but your home isn't painted how you expected.

Tip 4 - Painter Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Check for or ask about customer satisfaction guarantees and workmanship warranties. A professional painter will offer both of these. The last thing any customer wants is to get to the end of the project to find the painting isn't the quality they were looking for and are unable to get in touch with the painter or worse still a year after painting noticing the paint is starting to peel and flake and the painter has left with the final payment and disappeared.

Tip 5 - Compare the painting cost.

This one is more difficult to determine. In my experience price alone doesn't always indicate the quality of the painter. Some cheap quotes will garnish fantastic results and some expensive quotes will leave you feeling deflated and out of pocket. It is worth paying more for a painter that is qualified and licensed, provides references, detailed quotes, guarantees and warranties than a painter that doesn't. In saying that, where a price is significantly more consider why before dismissing it as expensive. Has the painter identified damages other painters haven't, are they using more superior products or is their scope of work different. If you can't decipher the discrepancy ask the painter, provide the cheaper quotes and question why the quote is more expensive.

Final thoughts,

Now that you know what to look for when deciding on a painter for your home or business my final piece of advice is communication. A quality professional painter will communicate with you in a timely manner, provide additional information and offer ideas and suggestions where required. A painter that provides attention to the customer will provide attention to the detail in their work.

If you are looking for a painter in Canberra and surrounds that offer all of this and more please request a quote from Absolute Property Service today: Click here for an obligation free quote.

Best wishes on your home or business project.

Absolute Property Service


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