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I want to paint my house white, but which white do I use?

Have you ever looked online or instore at the number of white paints there are? If you have, you would know there are 100's. Each slightly different to the next.

"Can you recommend a white paint?"

I thought I would break all the white down into two groups to make it easier for you to decide when it comes to your house painting project.

1. Warm Whites Undertones: peach, yellow, pink Home Style: traditional, country, coastal, bohemian, Feeling: cosy, boho. Look: earthy, organic, natural.

2. Cool Whites Undertones: grey, beige, blue. Home Style: modern, contemporary, scandainavian, industrial, art deco Feeling: clean and neutral. Look: minimalist, simplistic, clean lines.

Is your house filled with natural or artificial light?

If you have mainly artificial light, what colour globes are you using? This can influence how the colour appears.

Cool Whites are suited to homes with natural light.

Warm Whites are suited to homes with artificial light.

Changing your light globes can impact how the light appears.

A warm light globe in a room painted in a Cool White will balance the two and vice versa.

Also check the white colour against your furnishings in each room. The dominant colours in the room will influence how the paint is seen.

For example, if you choose a cool white with a blue undertone and have blue furnishings the blue will become more apparent and appear stronger than it would in a room with beige furnishings.

As a professional painter I would be happy to discuss how your furnishings, lighting and vision of your home will influence which white you should choose.