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How to select the perfect White paint for Your Home.

Are you looking for an interior painter or DIY interior painting?

Have you ever looked online or in-store at the number of white paints there are? If you have, you would know there are 100's. Each slightly different to the next.

"Can you recommend a white paint?"

This post will help to break down the difference between the whites and help you decide which white will suit your home and style best.

First off, the difference between the whites depends on the colours it is tinted with. The RGB values will tell you how much red, blue and green has been used in your white. The higher the value the more prevalent the tone will be. Most whites fall into to categories; warm white or cool white.

Warm Whites:
Warm white colours for interior paint
  • Warm whites have red undertones which can look peachy, yellow, pink or brown depending on the values of the other colours it is tinted with.

  • Our favourites are Dulux Natural White and Antique White USA.

  • Warm whites provide an earthy, organic or natural appearance to your home.

  • Cosy boho feel with vibrance and life and draws attention to wall features.

  • Warm whites are best suited to traditional, country, coastal or bohemian style homes.

Cool whites:
Cool white colours for interior paint
  • Cool whites have blue or green undertones which appear in greys and blues.

  • Our favourites are Dulux Lexicon, Vivid White and Terrace White.

  • Cool whites provide a minimalist, simplistic and clean appearance to your home.

  • Clean and neutral feel, with a calm and soothing effect. Cool whites recede which makes a space appear larger.

  • Cool whites are best suited to modern, contemporary, scandinavian, industrial and art deco style homes.

Something in between: Neutral Whites
Neutral white colours for interior painting

If you are looking for something between cool and warm white to suit a style of home with both warm and cool furnishings, a mix of natural light and want to capture both a larger clean space while also feeling warm and vibrant Dulux Snowy Mountains Half and Whisper White are ivory neutrals that work extremely well in all types and style of homes and are extremely popular for investment properties as they are easily adaptable.

What else do I need to consider?

The amount of natural light and types of artificial lighting will affect how your chosen interior painting colour will appear. Homes with large amounts of natural light are best suited to cool whites whereas homes that lack natural light achieve a much better feel and appearance with warm whites. The colour of your light globes should be opposite to your chosen wall colour to provide balance. A home painted in a cool white will be balanced with warm globes and vice versa.

Finally, paint absorbs the colour of the dominant elements around and influences how the paint appears. If your home has a large amount of blue, or grey surfaces a cool white will appear more blue, in contrast if your home has brown wood flooring and a brown coloured lounge a warm white will appear more brown.

Final points.

Deciding on the white for your home interior painting is a big decision with so many to choose from. I recommend considering first off how you want your home to feel? what is the style you are aiming to achieve? From there consider the size of your home, is it large and able to maintain a warm white or small where a cool white will increase its size? Also look at the furnishings and existing lighting, do they align more with a cool or warm aesthetic?

Finally, if you are still unsure feel free to reach out and ask us. We are more than happy to provide examples from previous projects or discuss providing colour swatches to help you decide.


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